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Philosophy of Flow


Philo Flumen Sophos

          Philosophy, the love of wisdom; is a doing, an act, a participation of the imager. Love is an eternal calling for doing. Of is a relation of its doing and quali. Quali is its quality and quantity. Wisdom is sustained utilizable information. Information is obtained by the inquired focused awareness upon unique differences, differentiated and sustained in a membrane of memory to be cross analysed with other memories and the current of flow to utilize the informing of force fields, density gradients, to flow into attunement with an eased sense of resistance. Flow, Flumen is the doing of it, the happening; the result of a difference in the force fields, density gradients, and a force gradient of resistance allowing for the relative experience of change for the love of it now and then. Now a place we have moved to and then a place we are moving to.


      What is flowing? it is. It is any thing and no thing, it is this and that, it is a simple yes and or no for yes it is included in it and no it is not included in it. It is what is being pointed at, what is not being pointed at, and what is doing the pointing. Is, is to be and it is to be doing flow.

      Why is it flowing? It is flowing because of a polarized separation focalizing unification through destructive turbulent dispersion and constructive laminar condensification; looping systems of paradoxical relationships. 


       Awareness of these words, focus of their polarized relative spacing amongst the density gradients, force fields, and inquiry to comprehend their unified pointing to the infinite boundary of nothing is Philo Flumen Sophos, Love of Flow Wisdom. Philosophy has come in my forms, all can inform and be utilized as wisdom through the love of inquiry. The hope here is to take an idea of change and allow for a way of wisdom to respectively feel the pressures of the fields and compassionately flow with a sense of ease, utilizing a collection of flow wisdom and learning how to collect flow wisdom. Allowing these words to flow into recognition to comprehend the many sectors of flow. For it is flowing and the idea of it is growing and shrinking. 

Flow is more than just physical, flow is mental and spiritual. Below we will open the gateways to the spiritual flows, shifting the mind later to the mental space of flow and the flow psychology, and then we start the physical with the applicable physical practices for the informing to alter paradigms around difficulty and resistance within the mental space. Branching from there to cover several aspects of life to connect the physical practice of life to the spiritual practice of it. Covering toppings like, relationship, nature, creating, cleaning, playing, dancing, worshiping, financing, communing, achieving, expressing, arts, knowledge, math, science, internet, intuition, accountability, paradigm breaking, goal setting; and so many more to come. 

       This philosophy is open sourced for all looking to read the information on the web page or to inquire about the downloadable pdf format. Printed copies to come at a point of satisfaction. If you enjoy the information and find it has increased your wisdom, receptivity, and compassion please donate to the Revflowution on our donation page so we can continue to inform space and share what we have to offer. Keep in mind, much like the philosophy of the Dao, this is a pointer, a hyper generalized guided set for you to accept or reject. I encourage you to become a self philosopher, studying the way of flow and other philosophies to learn the differences we have identified to aid in adding wisdom into your life.




       As of 2017, to the now of 2021, Flow has become so much more for me; a philosophy of flow that has the potential to inform sustained wisdom in steady state through optimal polarization, resistance, energetic deposits, and distributions. Allowing the inevitability of change to be slowly acknowledged, basking in the moment of eternal now, rejoiced in the blessings of gratitude and praise, in a mode of compassionate receptivity. The zone of alignment to optimize life; air flow, heat flow, fluid flow, cash flow, resource flow, economic flow, love flow, energy flow, body mind and spirit flow, information flow, and so much more to discover in the flow, as it's many forms informs our guest, family, company, and troop; the information is all around, pay attention to the masterful balancing distribution act of nature. My Matrix of Light professor, Dan Winter, explains our spiritual essence in analogy with electricity flow. What is flow in a current, the current now, and how does it get there? There is a potential difference, a power and ground, with a form of resistance in-between, guided by different channels and gateways. The resistance varies from absolutes, non, all, and the non absolute in-between. Non resistance rushes perception of flow to explosion. Full resistance halts the perception of flow, spin, time. Non absolutes allow for the changing relative perception of charge projecting. Golden ratio resistance allows for longevity of projected flow. Learn from the properties of nature around us and understand how the alchemic fractal of charge constructs and destructs to inform the wisdom of experience sustainably.


        A spiritual path is yours, you are allowed to share ideas from and or with others and or keep it to yourself. Your spirit is yours to allow, imagine, express, love, will, enjoy, and secure your way. I thank you for joining us on your spiritual path and I implaude you to continue your journey of Self exploring. Now I ask you to allow me to explain a bit of mine; I believe it will aid in understanding some of the flow paradigms to come, but if you feel more comfortable moving into the mental space or physical space I encourage your journey. 

        A loop of loops, bound in circuits of difference, source potential and ground, with channels and gateways crafted from resistance to transition conscious thought through flow to experience the nature of the alchemic cycle. Bound in the paradox of something and nothing, infinity eternity and infinity now, optimism and nihilism, rebirth and termination, time and stillness, pressure and softness, hard and easy, yes and no, wrong and right, truth and illusion, objectivity and subjectivity, linearity and circulartivity. For some the paradoxes were attempted to be worked around, because God couldn’t be the answer to how this all came to be; there had to be more to the story of us and our purpose. Now I embrace the paradox and accept that God made God, it made it, and that there is more to the story; loops on loops, entangling. As it became aware of its own chaos the perception of the scramble information, static, impulsively collapses into source condensed turning the inner to the out and the outer in to form an auric bubble of coherence to disperse the difference of something and nothing through the addition and multiplication, the recursive nature of fractality. Unfolding to take space and leave space to optimally sift through the density of information to understand it Self and utilize its own nature for the enjoyment of experience. 

This is read from the third dimensional plane of will where we are attempting to understand our spiritual relationship between enjoyed pleasure and love for Self and Other through the engagement of will. Our unique self is one recursion of information condensed from chaos, but Others are ourSelves and we incarnate into us and them in each moment for time does exist. Dwelling on many planes of density; boundary space to secure ground, atomic structures rejoicing in pleasureful growth, surface engagement with will, densified love for Self and or Other, light expressing for existence, imagining for existence, and all the pressure to sustain build and release. All is done as we chuck our wave function, condensing the and distributing focus through the apertures of convergence and divergence to explore the relatively short pathways back to eternity for the vast rest of ground or rest of source to enter back into life with a remembrance of the journey. Following perfect recall to reminisce in what will always be. 

          Everyone is already enlightened, you are enlightened, allow the weight to be lifted and remember when you reach the eternal stillness this time will feel like no time and the return will be through flow; effortless with no work. 

More will be too much and still too little. The focus now is on the mental plan, the force field where you are processing these words. The mental plane, the mind, is the bridge between the physical body and spiritual remembrance. You are an eternal being, right where you want to be, struggling on the lessons you put yourself in through soul contracts; release the struggle and accept my gift of east. Accept your location and decide how you want to move next, feel what feels best for you. Imagine the transition of your infinite source potential energy to empower the mind into a kinetic comprehension of flow. Attuning the mind to a paradigm that aligns the spirit to the body through the mind to move the body to it’s successful ease of life.




        Ideas are a mental activity, a congregation of the soul, mind, and body. Ideas on how communities should operate, how humans should be, why we are this way, what we should do about our circumstances, and what type of mental projects we are going to hold as groups or individuals have been around since consciousness. These ideas may have felt as just feelings before their complexity developed; as loops of mentality formed layers of consciousness for our human and likely other’s experience. This focused, inquisitive, awareness is philosophy and was before the name was given. Just the same as psychology, it being a branch of philosophy from an ancient time of pondering on the workings of Self. Psyche meaning mind, and ology meaning a branch of knowledge, logic, logy, logia in Greek. Logy being a suffix, add additive to the work to entangle it to an idea. Psychology may have been adapted from mental philosophy, but ideas encapsulating the mind have been on the mind and will continue to stay on the mind. We must build our our idea of our psyche or we will fall into some else’s idea for us. Psychology focuses on what drives us, why we do things, how to change behaviors, how to improve troubled people and how to improve the Self in general. 

        The start of modern positive psychology of philosophy of success was started by Napoleon Hill in the study of Success funded by Andrew Carnigy. This began a movement of positivity and how to make the average man into his most excellent Self by sharing the secrets of the success men in America. This information is amazing, “How to Think and Grow Rich” inspired my teacher Bob Proctor, and he set me on my journey of setting goals, goals that scared me, and manifesting them through mental practice of imagination to attract and faith in it already being here. 

The Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi perform the largest social psychology experiment at the time, asking the question, When do you feel your best and perform your best? He asked this to everyone he could and the answer was generalized as; I feel my best and when it feels as if each moment fluidly flows from one moment to the next, with the least amount of resistance. As if I was there doing the action, but part of the action being done. This state was named flow. The follow up question for him was; how is this state achieved purposefully? He published his findings in the book “Flow” in the 1990s. A summary of which I will provide below as well as a link to his content.


This state was again recognized by Steven Kotler, who provides great research on the topic, free lectures on YouTube as well as information content. Publishes the Rise of SuperMan” and “Stealing Fire”. Steve was cooperating with Jamie Wheel in a Flow company to provide high doses of Flow through a trip to his Flow Dojo.. He “In positive psychology, flow, also known as the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed ina feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity." -Steven Kotler. Steven furthered our knowledge of flow and how it is achieved, a summary of his work is below with links to his content.

         Flow is a state of mind, and also an art form. A state of being that should be naturally integrated in all areas of life, crafting a beautiful life. Fill all aspects of your life with enjoyment. From play to work, there is no need to feel forced into doing anything you don't desire. Find what you desire and do it until you are paid to do it! Flow is in all aspects of life and should be worshiped so we worship all that is around and within. 


Going into my summary of Flow with some help from Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Manly P Hall, Alan Watts, Dan Winter Paul Check, Jordan Peterson, Vikton dsjfakjgf, Rudolf Steiner, The turn inside out guy, some many physists, mechanical engineer teachers, person training teachers, behavior change teachers, my family, and friends, my foe, the elements and elements, fae and angles, the demons and shadows. The nature around and those I’ve paid attention to, I thank you for your lessons and I pass the touch here and now. I will continue to pay attention and share what I learn to those willing to study and grow, with me or with the Other Me’s. We are in this together, lets flow with ease. 


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       Flow comes in the forms of imagination. I say this not to limit the idea; flow is the current from start to end. Moving through differences to unite spatial awareness, reflexes, and boundaries; projecting to explore the unknown. Perceived from self regulating standing waves decaying. Using awareness, attention, and inquiry; refine skills and increase self esteem; grounding self in being, allowing for freedom of willful self expression.

The word comes from people describing a state of optimal being to Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, a psychologist exploring the first study for positive psychology. The word describes a set of self merging with during and losing a sense of self. When the variables of a condition whelm us perfectly into a state of doing; experiencing the current achievement of a goal as bliss. There are way to drive flow into your life in embed bliss into the day as a habit, drive focus, attention, creativity, self esteem, joy, and overall life experience. 

We use the knowledge of flow to enhance learn and drive individuals into working on the tasks they desire in a way to improve others and the culture of beings. This requires paradigm shifts to free our inner vision to view the goal of dreams and empower our belief and faith in person will to accomplish the goal in this life and set it up to thrive in the next. 


Paradigms our standing mindsets that form our personality, persona, personal identity, degree of self esteem; the program of the subconscious running habitual behaviors and feelings on repeat to affirm the standing mindsets. Paradigms our a neutral concept, acting as an amplify and inertial stabilizer agent to our being. We can have positive or negative mindsets; in relation to their benefit toward achieving your goals. Through understanding of our nature, laws, and high faculties, we can set up boundaries for our mental plane. Transforming negative input into data beneficial for your achievements; removing limiting belief structures. Taking responsibility to for our state of thought, emotions, actions, and their consequences. Shifting our standing mindset into a supporting and ever adjusting feedback system designed to determine a desired goal and creating the circumstances to seeing the your manifestation. 

Reflections of Self

A paradigm shift to perception of all others as self, since all is one flow. Viewed as a sacred geometric reflection of self projecting lessons from others onto self from the feeling of them effecting you. With the paradigm shift self reflecting as other, we hold responsibility for our state and others. Seeing all interactions of being as a thought experiments that do not require you to accept or reject any thought, feeling, or embodiment. 

Inner Sage

An image of our desired self and life; held back by self doubt, disbelief, an decided needs out of reach. If we can have faith and belief in our dreams and understand our needs can be created from self since they lie dormant in our nature. If we can see a vision we can create that vision. This sage is you and you have the potential to achieve your heights goals in this life.



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