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Teachers we Share 

A growing list of teachers we work to showcase to help expand their reach, as we believe the work they are doing is helpful and in alignment. 


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Bob Proctor 

Dan Winters

Paul Chek

Bob Proctor

Self Image Enhancement

Bob Proctor Learned how to adjust his Self Image and spend the rest of his life Sowing and Reaping from that change. He spent his life sharing the information he learned as well as further studying the idea and developing packages of information to enhance your self image too.

Dan Winters

Sharing a Shareable Wave

Dan Winters grew up learning the art and wonders of Kundalini, and later become an Electrical Engineer. He spent is life transforming the mystical nature of Kundalini and other healing modalities into precise electrical knowledge that can be shared and communicated through precise language. 

Paul Chek

Holistic Healing 

Paul Chek is a holistic healer. He grew up with the life of a Farmer and Yogi; then transitioning into the Arm to eventually make it as the US Army Boxing coach. After seeing all the help he could assist with he began working in physical rehabilitation and has grown that work into his own Holistic Healing Practice with a Personal Training Academy.

Future Name

Holding Space for the next Amazing Teacher to be added to the list

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