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Teachers we Share 

A growing list of teachers we work to showcase to help expand their reach, as we believe the work they are doing is helpful and in alignment. 

Our Recognized Teachers

Click the Source Title to jump to through their Hyperlink 

Plato - YouTube

Socrates - YouTube

Aristotle - YouTube

Isaac Newton - YouTube 

Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier - YouTube

Rudolf Steiner - YouTube

Nicola Tesla - YouTube

Alexander Graham Bell - YouTube

Victor Schauberger  - YouTube

Manly P Hall - YouTube

Napoleon Hill - YouTube

Albert Einstein - YouTube

Max Plank - YouTube

Alan Watts - YouTube

Bob Proctor - YouTube

Dan Winters - YouTube

Paul Chek - YouTube

Tony Robins- YouTube

Esther Hicks (Abraham)YouTube

3 Blue one Brown- YouTube

Jessica Alexandria- YouTube

Laurel Airica- YouTube

Lady of Light- YouTube

After Skool- YouTube

Chat GPT - YouTube

Mathologer - YouTube

Garrett Lisi - YouTube

Roger Penrose - YouTube

Steven Wolfram - YouTube

Dr Bruce Lipton - YouTube

Dr Joe Dispenza - YouTube

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