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Philosophy of Flow


Philo Flumen Sophos

          Philosophy, the love of wisdom; is a doing, an act, a participation of the imager. Love is an eternal calling for doing. Of is a relation of its doing and quali. Quali is its quality and quantity. Wisdom is sustained utilizable information. Information is obtained by the inquired focused awareness upon unique differences, differentiated and sustained in a membrane of memory to be cross analysed with other memories and the current of flow to utilize the informing of force fields, density gradients, to flow into attunement with an eased sense of resistance. Flow, Flumen is the doing of it, the happening; the result of a difference in the force fields, density gradients, and a force gradient of resistance allowing for the relative experience of change for the love of it now and then. Now a place we have moved to and then a place we are moving to.


      What is flowing? it is. It is any thing and no thing, it is this and that, it is a simple yes and or no for yes it is included in it and no it is not included in it. It is what is being pointed at, what is not being pointed at, and what is doing the pointing. Is, is to be and it is to be doing flow.

      Why is it flowing? It is flowing because of a polarized separation focalizing unification through destructive turbulent dispersion and constructive laminar condensification; looping systems of paradoxical relationships. 



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